Slips and trips are among the most common causes of injury in busy establishments; the never ending flow of people can result in many unfortunate accidents. Providing a safer environment by improving your footing, non-slip mats are the perfect precautionary measure.

Here are some of the best places to install rubber mats:

In the entrance

As one of the main areas where slip related incidents occur - this is due to excessive moisture that is brought in from the outside – doorways or main entrances are a primary location for rubber mats.

About 80% of the dirt inside a building is trodden in; you can help to reduce dirt build-up by installing the right kind of rubber mats.

In your workplace

Working environments - such as those where heavy machinery and tools are employed - should always have a stable and well-supported footing system.

Rubber mats can provide ample support for your workers, while actively reducing slip related injuries.

In wet areas

Since rubber mats are naturally resilient to water, they are a godsend in potentially slippery areas like around swimming pools and in changing rooms, rest rooms and wet or dry sauna facilities.

With anti-microbial properties, they are also hygienic to use.

Food and beverage zones

The common F&B zones include kitchen and bar areas. Catering and food processing areas are where your busiest workers are located; in a limited space with plenty of traffic – which can cause slipping or bumping accidents.

For bar areas, rubber mats can effectively reduce the impact of accidentally dropped bottles and glasses.


Although a simple concept, rubber safety mats are the perfect solution in hazardous areas.