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Ramp Matting Solutions from Coruba

Animal matting is essential for the promotion of animal well-being and safety - due to its non-slip features, animals can be confident and comfortable in their foothold, especially in wet and inclined areas. Demonstrating shock absorbent properties that can help to reduce pressure on an animals’ joints and tendons, animal matting protects against bacteria, prevents possible injury and improves productivity.

When applied to transporter ramps, this matting solution will provide comfort and safety to the animals as they are loaded into the vehicle. Here are some cost-effective ramp matting alternatives from Coruba that you may want to consider:

Animal Transporter Ramp Mats (CORU675)

Edge of a rubber mat

The Coru675 Animal Transporter Ramp Mat is a non-slip mat manufactured from high quality rubber. With a fluted pattern base and high raised solid strips, the rubber chocks are positioned at about 250mm intervals to assure animal safety. Easy to maintain and durable, it can assure years of excellent, trouble-free performance.

Griptop Animal Transporter Matting for Ramps - in Rolls with 1ply Reinforced Backing (CORU548)

Rubber mat with a section focused on

A great alternative for animal transporter ramps, the Coru548 Griptop Animal Transporter Matting doesn’t require the traditional wooden or rubber chocks. Lightweight and resilient, it has excellent grip performance to assist the animals safely and quickly into the transporter. Backed with a 1ply orange reinforced fabric to support its resilient feature, it can be fitted either by adhering it or screwing it down to the ramp.

Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting up to 2 Metres Wide (CORU540)

Image of rubber mat rolled up

A popular option for ramp applications, the Coru540 Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting features a high relief direction tread. This ensures that the matting remains non-slip even when it’s wet. Heavy-duty yet affordable, this product can be easily cut as per your desired shape and size.

Coruba offers exceptional rubber matting products that are suitable for various applications. For further assistance, please call 01702 560194.

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