Choosing the right floor protection is a vital step towards ensuring that your business can sustain a balanced and secured fitness environment; it can maintain the professional appeal, while guaranteeing a safe zone for all your customers.

To keep your place intact, it is essential that you install mats that are functional and durable; rubber gym mats not only provide cushioning for the joints, they are also great for securing gym equipment and protecting your floor from damage.

Here are some prominent features of the Coruba Rubber Mat range:

Impact Absorption

Gym equipment typically weighs a ton; your weight on top of that can cause serious damage to the floor. Rubber mats can help to balance out the weight and add an extra layer of protection that can minimise floor damage.

Noise and Vibration Reduction

Some exercise equipment - like treadmills – has a tendency to vibrate when in use. With continuous activity, the rollers and motors can produce a disturbing noise; rubber mats help to minimise vibrations, thus dampening down the noise.

Anti- Slip Surface

During intense workout sessions, your active customers can involuntarily drop barbells, dumbbells and other kinds of heavy workout equipment. Providing traction and grip for your feet, rubber gym mats can significantly reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

Static Resistance

Electrostatic charge can build up while the gym equipment is running; this charge can suck in dirt and debris that can clog the motor and cause overheating. Rubber mats do not conduct electricity, so they can actively help towards prolonging the lifespan of your expensive machines.


Our Rubber Gym Mats are resilient, durable and highly functional - you can get our quality matting products for as little as £6.25.

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