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PRODUCT FEATURE: Coru580 Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting to 50,000v

Switchboard matting is a rubber floor covering that is designed for electrical insulation. Vital for the safety of employees who work around switchboards and other high voltage equipment, it provides protection against harmful and deadly electrical shocks.

Coru580 Switchboard Matting

Our very popular Coru580 Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting to 50,000v is fully certified and tested to 50,000 volts – with a recommended safety working voltage of 1000v. This electrical matting is manufactured to the VDE 0303 European specification.


Our low maintenance Coru580 has a fine ribbed pattern on one side and a cloth impression finish on the other. It is made of natural rubber/styrene-butadiene rubber (NR/SBR) and has a minimum elongation of 250%, an abrasion resistance of 180 mm3 and a tensile strength of 5 MPA. With anti-slip properties, it is also considered as a health and safety regulation material.


Coru580 is available in three sizes (Length x Width x Thickness):

  • 10 metres x 0.91 metres x 4.5 millimetres
  • 10 metres x 1.0  metres x 4.5 millimetres
  • 10 metres x 1.2 metres x 4.5 millimetres


If you have special requirements, we are happy to customise the mats according to your preferred lengths – Coru580 can also be supplied in flame retardant, low smoke emission grades.

For further assistance, contact us on 01702 811 656 or email us at info@coruba.co.uk!



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