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Our 5-Step Guide to Cleaning Rubber Gym Mats


An effective way to reduce maintenance costs in your gym, you should endeavour to keep your mats in good condition. Avoid unnecessary future expenses with this quick and easy guide to maintaining your rubber gym mats:

Step 1: Remove Sticky Items Using a Scraper

To facilitate an easier cleaning process, you should first remove any sticky matter from the gym mat. Make sure you use either a plastic or a wood scraper for the job, as metal objects can cause irreparable damage.

Step 2: Sweep or Vacuum Your Rubber Mats

Sweep or hoover the mats to remove any dust and dirt - this will prepare the surface for easier mopping and disinfecting.

Step 3: Use a Neutral pH Cleaner and Disinfectant

A neutral pH cleaning solution is just 2 ounces of pH cleaner per gallon of water. Mop the rubber gym mats with the pH cleaner, then follow with a disinfectant that is specially formulated for rubber mats to keep them cleaner and more hygienic.

Step 4: Clean Underside of Mats

Once you have air dried them, you can then clean the underside of your mats through another round of sweeping or vacuuming. The occasional cleaning will prevent moisture and dirt build-up which can penetrate the mat from beneath.

Step 5: Store Rubber Gym Mats Properly

Always store your rubber gym mats in a well-ventilated area. Linkable mats can be stacked and kept at room temperature. Roll-up alternatives should not be rolled too tightly – they must be allowed to breathe – but they should be secure enough so that they don’t unravel.

For continued gym equipment and floor protection, you should always properly maintain your rubber gym mats! For rubber product enquiries, contact Coruba on 01702 560194.

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