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O-Rings - 5 Factors to Consider

One of the most well-known rubber gasket alternatives, O-rings are widely used in various commercial and industrial applications due to their outstanding sealing capabilities.

By selecting the correct O-ring for a specific application, this will help to avoid seal failure or leaking. Here is a quick rundown of the factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect O-ring:

#1: Type of O-Ring Application

By familiarising yourself with the application, you will be able to identify which O-ring category to choose. O-rings can either be static or dynamic; and the material used to manufacture various O-rings will differ from one to the other. Operating environmental factors should also be considered:

  • Vibrational movement
  • Ozone attack
  • High ultraviolet exposure
  • Intermittent use
  • Constant use

#2: Media to be Sealed

The features of rubber O-rings can vary depending on the material used – something worth considering is the fluid that needs to be contained. The resistance of elastomers will depend on the fluid they are exposed to and this will affect the O-ring’s tensile strength, elongation and other attributes.

#3: Environmental Parameters

Parameters such as temperature, pressure and time are just some of the things to consider when you are selecting your O-rings. Fluid exposure can affect the quality of the elastomers’ properties.

#4: O-Ring Size

Selecting the correct size is essential - a perfect fit will help to prevent any leaks that could further damage the application.

#5: Engineering Calculations

While most standard hardware dimensions have already tabulated calculations, using a manual or a software calculation (e.g. checking the O-ring’s percent squeeze, compression percent stretch and volume or void ratio) will assure you of the proper O-ring selection.

With the help of this guide, you should now be able to maximise your O-ring's sealing capacity! For quality O-rings and seals, Coruba offers a wide variety of standard and custom made rubber gaskets to suit any application.

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