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New Year, New DIY Projects

After the mayhem of Christmas, many of us embrace the New Year by taking stock and making plans for the months ahead.

With the garden having taken a backseat over the previous months, January is an opportune time to start getting it back in shape, before the warmer months arrive.

DIY Tools

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Catch up on jobs

Think about what you'd like to achieve in your garden that you didn't get round to doing last year. This could include giving garden furniture a lick of paint, varnishing fences, making repairs or pruning trees, but it could also mean starting new projects, such as planting a tree, installing a pond or starting a compost heap.


Grow what you eat

With more of us taking an interest in the provenance of our food, this year could also be a good time to have a go at growing your own fruit and vegetables. It not only allows you to grow fresh produce, but it could save you money, and it certainly makes for a fun and fulfilling project. You don't even need masses of space. A few pots filled with herbs or tomatoes or an old sack for growing potatoes will suffice if space is at a premium. Start looking through seed catalogues and choose what you want to grow in your garden.


Wildlife garden

Another project you might want to consider as January beckons is making your garden more wildlife friendly. Encouraging birds, bees, bats, insects and hedgehogs into your garden not only lets nature thrive, but wildlife is a joy to watch and can prove beneficial in allowing your garden to flourish. For example, insects will pollinate your flowers, encouraging greater volumes of blooms, while hedgehogs and birds eat garden foes such as slugs and snails, acting as natural pest controllers. Bring wildlife into your garden by hanging up bird feeders, making nest boxes or a bug hotel, and let an area of your plot grow wild, with long grass and a log pile.


Inside projects

Now is also a good time to consider what jobs need tackling indoors and sometimes the weather will not be on your side if you want to tackle outdoor projects. A new year signals a fresh start, so why not give a room a facelift? Paint it a different colour or introduce new furnishings. Tick jobs off that keep falling down your to-do list, such as putting up shelving, making repairs to furniture or getting carpets professionally cleaned. While you're putting the Christmas decorations back in the attic, give this space a much-needed declutter.


A tidy garage

Whether your New Year's DIY projects focus on the garden or in the house, your garage is likely to be your port of call for fetching and storing tools and other essential equipment. A tidy and organised garage makes life so much easier when you need to find something quickly, or require some space to carry out jobs. Now is the ideal time to get your garage in tip-top shape before you get side-tracked with other jobs.

Clear out the clutter, make use of wall space for hanging tools and erect shelving for storing items in an orderly fashion. Think about the safety aspect of your garage, especially with regards to the flooring. Make sure there are no trip hazards and consider installing rubber matting to prevent slips, especially if your feet get wet and muddy.

If you think your garage could benefit from the inclusion of rubber matting, why not take a look at the superior range of options available at Coruba? As well as ensuring your safety, there is a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from.

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