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Livestock that Benefits from Rubber Stall Mats


Stable matting is a cost-effective flooring material that is used to provide comfort for your pets and livestock.

Here is a list of animals that benefit from rubber stable matting:


Cows are stationary animals. Studies show that cows spend on average 15 hours a day resting in pasture. However, when confined to a barn, that resting time is greatly reduced.

Cows (especially milking cows) need a softer surface because they tend to lay down most of the time. The longer a cow rests the healthier and more productive it will be.

Why rubber stable matting?

  • Rubber mats are durable and softer compared to concrete, therefore providing more comfort.
  • Rubber matting is appropriate for the cow’s physiology: The Free Fall – in the process of lying down, a cow freefalls its last 10-12 inches. Rubber mats can reduce the risk of injuries.


The way to house sheep might sometimes depend on the climate. During cold weather it is very important to provide an appropriate shelter for them.

Compared to cows, sheep are more sensitive to the cold – it can result in their death. In fact, a shorn sheep is more sensitive to cold than a naked person because their body temperature is about 102 degrees F – significantly higher than a human's.

Why rubber stable matting?

  • Rubber matting provides a good layer of insulation against cold floors during the winter and a comfortable bedding alternative in the summer.
  • Rubber mats can also be used as side wall insulation to maintain a warm shelter, especially for freshly shorn sheep.


Goats are better kept inside a strong and secured shelter as opposed to running loose, when they usually stray. They can jump 5 feet high and they can even climb trees!

Goats need cleaning out more often compared to other livestock because they have four stomachs, allowing them to eat and digest large quantities of food very quickly. As a consequence, they also have more rapid bowel movement compared to other animals.

Why rubber stable matting?

  • Rubber matting can be taken outside and cleaned easily.
  • It facilitates good drainage for water and urine.


Just like humans, horses can suffer from fatigue and other leg injuries due to prolonged periods of standing. The stress on the hooves and limbs caused by hard and concrete floors can make them more vulnerable to injuries such as torn ligaments and tendonitis, etc.

Why rubber stable matting?

  • A good cushioning on hard concrete floors will reduce the pressures on a horse’s legs.
  • Rubber matting provides softer conditions which gives anti-fatigue relief.
  • Using rubber mats instead of traditional stable matting eliminates the chance of respiratory diseases caused by dusts.

Look after your animals and ensure that they get all of their creature comforts with rubber stall mats.

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