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Linkable Mats: Why People Prefer Them and Where to Use Them

Two different coloured mats each with a section focused on

In areas where protection and safety are the primary focus, linkable mats make an invaluable addition to the surroundings. Commonly manufactured from materials with great resistance properties such as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and rubber, these mats are a popular choice over a variety of applications.

More than their water-resistant and durable features, what other qualities make linkable mats unique?

Key Features

Can cover even small areas

Linkable mats can cover a small space with minimum fuss. They are also more cost-efficient as you shouldn’t need to rely on precise calculations and measurements.


Some rubber mats can become a tripping hazard, since the edges can turn up – especially if not properly adhered to the floor. Linkable mats fit perfectly!


Products made from malleable materials are known to help promote and express a child’s symbolic and creative thinking – making linkable mats a viable choice. They make great children’s play mats, as not only do they assure comfort and safety; they are also available in a selection of colours.

Where are Linkable Mats Ideally Used?

Fitness areas

Linkable mats are brilliant shock absorbers and they assure great stability – making them ideal for fitness suites and home gyms. As a very effective means to safeguard floors against impacts, linkable rubber mats can also help to minimise injuries.

Black rubber matting with connectable edge

Get it here: Flat Grid Connectable Rubber Mats

Designed with easy installation in mind, our Flat Grid Connectable Rubber Mats promote a superior interlocking solution that links the mats together closely and firmly.

Work areas

In industries where work areas are frequently exposed to liquids, linkable mats provide a great deal of support with their anti-slip benefits. Hazardous areas can be kept in check, as not only do they help to prevent slips and falls; linkable mats can also help to reduce noise in busy clamorous work environments.


amoebic linkable rubber mats

Get it here: Amoebic Linkable Rubber Mats

Commonly used in stables, our Amoebic Linkable Rubber Mats can also be used in work areas. Made with an anti-slip pattern design and a flat profile finish, these mats don’t just grant excellent protection against falls and noise; they also give off a sleek, clean design for a modern workplace aesthetic.


Linkable Ground Stabilisation & Play Area Mats

Get it here: Linkable Ground Stabilisation & Play Area Mats

No need to worry about your kids’ safety again with our Linkable Ground Stabilisation Ring Mats! Ideal for playgrounds and areas where water tends to be a problem, these clever little mats resourcefully drain liquids and waste to assure maximum safety benefits and a cleaner environment.


Coruba offers a varied range of linkable rubber matting products suitable for many different requirements! Call 01702 560194 for a link to our sales team!


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