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Linkable Mats vs. Rolls: Which Rubber Flooring Option Best Suits Your Needs?


Known for its exceptional qualities, rubber flooring is a popular choice that has become integral to commercial and residential facilities. This highly versatile flooring option continues to deliver reliable safety, comfort and even protection benefits – making it a practical investment.

Rubber flooring is typically available as individual mats, linkable mats and rubber rolls. With the linkable and roll alternatives being considered as credible flooring solutions, how do you know which alternative will best suit your requirements?

Here’s a simple rundown of their distinctive qualities - to help you with your purchasing decision:


Linkable Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring Rolls


  • Suitable for small areas
  • Easy to install and remove - doesn’t require adhesives; can be tightly attached once fixed in place
  • Portable - easy to transfer and store
  • Can be cut to fit around obstacles and corners


  • Perfect for covering large spaces
  • Less expensive
  • Doesn’t require much cutting
  • Can be loose laid
  • Customisable sizes -  selection of measurements


  • Labour intensive installation for larger areas
  • More costly
  • Heavyweight - may need assistance to install

Ideal Uses

  • Home gyms
  • Leased spaces
  • Play areas
  • Garages / Workshops
  • Stables


  • Commercial gym areas
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms
  • Poolside
  • Restaurants / Bars / Kitchens
  • Industrial workplaces


To enjoy long-term benefits, it is important that you choose the most befitting solution. Whether it’s the linkable or rubber flooring roll alternative you opt for, Coruba’s extensive range of rubber flooring offers has got you covered! Phone us on 01702 560194 with your enquiries.

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