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Licence to Kill

In his second outing as Bond, Dalton takes the lead role as the British superspy. Generally accepted by the critics as being darker than many of its predecessors, Licence to Kill is the 16th film in the James Bond 007 series.

Dalton played the character with a new intensity, incorporating a deeper characterisation into the role, along with the usual exciting chases and lively fight scenes.

The plot revolves around Bond pursuing drug baron Franz Sanchez, who had ordered an attack on Bond's CIA friend Felix Leiter, resulting in Leiter's wife being murdered on their honeymoon. Bond is suspended from MI6 due to his personal pursuit of Sanchez. Initially, the film was to be called Licence Revoked, in line with the plot of Bond's suspension. However, post-production, the title was changed to Licence to Kill after test audiences said they didn't know what "revoked" meant!

Bond's pursuit of Sanchez leads to some death-defying situations for the spy, most notably when he is in a fight for his life against one of Sanchez's henchmen, who ties up his wrists and ankles with rope and puts him on a conveyor belt that leads to a grinding machine. The machine is part of Sanchez's drugs operation and is used to drop bricks of cocaine into the grinding mechanism, where they're mixed with gasoline. Bond has no plans to be ground down himself and after Sanchez leaves Dario to carry out his dirty work, the superspy manages to grab hold of a ledge, just before the drop, to try and save himself.

However, Dario begins cutting the ropes that bind Bond's wrists, as they are the only thing saving him from falling into the grinder. It looks like all is lost but before the villain has cut the ropes right through, Bond's salvation comes in the shape of pilot and ex-CIA agent Pam Bouvier, played by Carey Lowell. The sight of her walking through the door distracts Dario long enough for 007 to turn the tables on his attacker.

Bouvier shoots Dario in the shoulder and he falls to the floor but before she can finish him off, her gun jams and he begins to get up again. Bond takes the opportunity to grab Dario by his feet, knocking him over the edge into the grinder. As Dario falls he grabs 007's feet, clinging on for dear life but the grinder grabs his legs and it's soon the end of the villain who falls to his doom. Will Bond survive, get the girl and his job back at MI6? Somehow, we think he might!

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