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Knight Rider

The cult '80s TV series Knight Rider is still celebrated today by devotees who have their own website and even a convention. Created by Glen A. Larson, Knight Rider spanned three television series and expanded into a franchise including TV films, video games and novels. There’s even a Knight Rider Festival that celebrates the famous show and its talking car, KITT.

The first series on American network NBC ran from 1982 to 1986. It followed the adventures of crime-fighter Michael Knight and his high-tech, artificially intelligent supercar - which was virtually indestructible. The show returned with Team Knight Rider from 1997 to 1998 and Knight Rider from 2008 to 2009.

The story began with millionaire Wilton Knight rescuing an undercover cop, Michael Long, who had been seriously injured when he was shot in the face. Knight arranged for plastic surgery for Long and got him a new face to go with his new identity. He became known as Michael Knight and his dedicated mission in life was to fight for law and order and justice.

He had a distinct advantage over the criminals in the shape of his sports car, Knight Industries Two Thousand, known as KITT. The customised black Pontiac Trans-Am had a cruising speed of 300mph, it could fly 50 feet through the air and had an arsenal of weapons including flame-throwers, smoke bombs and infrared sensor devices.

Thanks to its highly advanced artificial intelligence, the car could talk, and it even had its own personality. It protected its owner from all kinds of trouble – Michael Knight could summon KITT and it would come zooming in to get him, even crashing through walls. When Wilton Knight died, he left his fortune to pay for the crime-fighting duo's ongoing battle against wrong-doers.

Michael Knight was played by David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff in the first series and he has confirmed a new series of the '80s cult classic could be returning to our TV screens in the near future. He also confirmed he would be returning in the role of Knight. In an interview on US gossip website TMZ, he described himself as the "old guy", adding he could still drive even if he couldn't run and fight as he used to.

As the most popular Knight Rider, when Hasselhoff was replaced by a team of five operatives in Team Knight Rider in the '90s, it didn't go down at all well with the fans. The 2008 series starred Justin Bruening as Michael Knight's son, Michael Traceur, who had taken over driving KITT and fighting crime… but it's The Hoff himself whom fans love in the role.

The next annual Knight Rider Festival is due to take place in 2018 in Las Vegas, on a date yet to be confirmed. It will bring the supercar and fans from all over the world together. Advertised as being filled with "cars and stars", it will celebrate the iconic TV show, while showcasing an exhibition of famous cars from the big and small screens.

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