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Keep the Dirt out of your home with Rubber Entrance Matting

A good entrance mat is your home’s first line of defence!  Protecting the interior of your property, entrance mats will remove the dirt that might have accumulated on your shoes.

Rubber matting in the entrance of your home will:

Effectively trap dirt, debris and moisture

Research shows that 80% of dirt and moisture that enters a home or building is carried in by your footwear. With an abrasive surface, textured entrance mats have the ability to trap dirt, debris and moisture.

Cleaning your interiors will take a lot less effort.

Reduce the risk of slipping

Moisture is known to reduce a shoe’s traction with the floor.  By installing a rubber mat at the entrance of your property, this will allow you to remove excess moisture and dirt from your shoes; thus minimising potential slips and falls.

Stay in place

Low quality matting tends to curl at the edges; it is also prone to sliding around the floor which in itself can be a potential hazard. Rubber mats are generally thick enough to stay flat on the floor, even without the use of adhesives.

Require minimal maintenance

Rubber mats only need a little attention. Every now and then, you can wash them and let them air dry - no complicated maintenance procedures!

Available in different sizes, colours and shapes Coruba has a wide variety of rubber entrance matting that is great for indoor and outdoor applications.


For more information about our rubber matting, contact us on 01702 560194 or email info@coruba.co.uk.



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