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Increase the safety on your stairs with Rubber Safety Mats

Something that most of us use every day, stairs are potentially hazardous; children as well as the elderly are particularly vulnerable to falls.

Rubber mats can improve stair safety!

Anti-Slip Surface

Friction coefficient, rubber mats improve grip and traction to keep your feet steady and secure.

Excellent Floor Protection

Costly to replace or repair, damaged stairs can potentially cause serious injuries. Rubber mats can endure impact from heavy physical objects and protect your floor against abrasive materials.


Rubber mats are great for outdoor use: their inherent resistance to water and moisture is particularly favourable during the wet winter months. They can also resist harmful UV rays and prevent mould and mildew build-up.


Rubber safety mats are available in a variety of textured designs that can not only add aesthetic appeal to your floor, they can also provide a high level of friction that further reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls.


Coruba has a wide selection of rubber safety mats that offer great comfort and non-slip protection. To place your order, simply call us on 01702 560194 or email info@coruba.co.uk.

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