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IEC 61111 Matting-2009: The Most Sought After Matting of All Time

The Most Sought After Matting of All Time

Out of the thousands of rubber products available in the industry, have you ever wondered what the standout product of all time might be? Popular for its durability and reliability, most people opt for rubber matting products that have passed the IEC 61111 2009.

What is IEC 61111 2009?

IEC 61111 2009 is the European Standard applicable for electrical insulating matting products that are typically used in high voltage areas for employee protection. Perfect for employees who work on electrical installations such as switchboards and control panels, this standard also includes additional testing for oil resistance, mechanical puncture and acid resistance.

Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting to IEC61111-2009: Fully Certified to Meet Your Needs

Coruba takes pride in its black (Coru570) and grey (Coru571) fine ribbed rubber matting to IEC 61111-2009 Class 0,1,2,3 and 4. These products are fully tested to 1000, 7500, 17000, 26500 and 36000 volts. Every electrical safety matting product that you purchase from us will fully comply with the IEC61111 standard.


✓ Oil and acid resistance – perfect for industrial use

✓  Half anti-slip surface pattern, half cloth impression finish

✓  Available in colour and flame retardant variants and low emission grades

✓  Can be supplied in full rolls and cut lengths

Class and Thickness to Maximum Safety Working Voltage

Class and Thickness

Maximum Voltage

0 (3 mm)


1 (3 mm)


2 (4.0 mm)


3 (4.5 mm)


4 (5 mm)



We aren't the leading UK rubber product provider for nothing. From top quality to the ultimate safety, Coruba guarantees products that are worth every penny! For further questions and enquiries regarding the IEC 61111 Matting-2009, please call 01702 560194… we look forward to taking your call!

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