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How to Prevent an Electrical Fire


According to the records of the UK Government, the main cause of accidental fire in houses and commercial buildings is usually related with electricity, including faulty appliances and leads. This covers 25% of the causes of fire in 2014. Here are some ways to help prevent electrical fires.

Check the following: (Source: safe electricity)

a. Outlets

Check for unfitted plugs that may cause electric shock. Replace broken outlets as soon as possible, especially if you have kids at home.

b. Cords

Make sure that the cords of your appliances are not cracked or broken. Broken cords could lead to short circuits that may cause electrical fire.

c. Plugs

Avoid overloading with too many plugs in an outlet. As much as possible, do not remove the grounding pin.

d. Light Bulbs

Check if the light bulb matches the required wattage and screw it in properly. Mismatched wattage could lead to overheating.

e. Electrical Wirings

Defective wiring is one of the major causes of an electrical fire. Check your wiring regularly.

f. Service Capacity

Your home’s electric service capacity depends on the electronic materials that you have. If you want to add more appliances, you also need to upgrade the capacity of your electrical service. Ask a licenced electrician regarding this matter.

Use the following electrical safety tools:

a. Electrical Mats

The use of electrical mats is mandatory in working areas that involve the use of electricity. Electric mats can help prevent the hazards of electric shock and/or short circuits. To order electric mats please contact Coruba on 01702 811 791.

b. Circuit Breaker

One of the most important safety tools in your home, a circuit breaker will automatically cut the power until someone fixes the problem. (Source: Electronics)

c. Residual Current Device (RCD)

RCD is a life-saving device that every home should have. It is a sensitive safety device that switches off the electricity once a fault is detected. It is specifically designed to prevent electrical fire. (Source: Electrical Safety First)

Fire prevention month in the UK is every October… That doesn’t mean that you should only take safety precautions in this month. Care should be exercised at all times to prevent costly incidents like electrical fire. We hope this simple guideline will help you!

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