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HOW TO GUIDE: Rubber Stable Matting Installation


Rubber stable mats have proved their worth as a great bedding alternative – ensuring that your horses are kept warm and comfortable. Given that they are easy to clean and maintain, the real key to stress-free maintenance is proper mat installation in the first instance.

This simple 6-step guide will help you to install your rubber stable mats with ease:

What you will need:

  • Stable mats
  • Carpet knife
  • Tape measure


  • Gravel (for dirt or clay floors)
  • Hand compactor


Step 1: Prepare the surface by cleaning the stable. If you have dirt or clay floors, start by evenly spreading the gravel. Make sure that the crushed fines are trampled in for a flat surface - you may want to use a compactor for best results.

Step 2: Measure the stable dimensions to establish the size and quantity of stable mats you require. Remember – it’s better to be over rather than under with your measurements… you don’t want to find yourself being a few inches short.

Step 3: Lay the mats and allow them to contract and expand to their neutral state for 20 minutes. You can then move them around to see how they fit best – you will also be able to determine where and whether you will need to make any cuts.

Step 4: Install the mats by starting directly opposite the stable door. Secure them by pushing towards the sides using your heels to ensure that all the edges are evenly covered.

Step 5: Cut to size with the use of a carpet knife.

Step 6: Finish the installation by giving the mats a good clean -  through mopping and air drying… and voila! Your rubber stable mats are now ready for use!

For the comfort your horses deserve and the easy maintenance solution you desire… high quality rubber stable matting to the rescue!

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