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How to Create a Welcoming Hotel Entrance

In today's climate of intense competition when it comes to UK hotels, creating a welcoming entrance for guests has never been more important. A recent report revealed the number of new-build hotels is growing every year, with 21,000 new rooms opening in 2018. The trend is set to continue, with a 3.3% growth in the UK hotels market forecast over a 12-month period.

Research by leading property adviser Knight Frank reveals the budget hotel sector is dominating the market, representing 69% of all new-build hotels and 65% of all extensions. Around 8,300 new budget hotel rooms opened, according to the annual UK Hotel Development Opportunities 2018 report.

Hotel bell

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Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is something that should be nurtured. The increase in digital marketing and real-time review sites means that word of mouth can spread news of your hotel around the world practically overnight. Consequently, there are more consumer choices available and increasing customer awareness.

In light of the growing competition in the sector, should you be considering revamping your hotel entrance to make it more welcoming - and if so, what should you take into account before designing the entrance theme?

There are a number of factors that should influence the design of your hotel entrance. Consider your market - who are your visitors and how many people visit? What services do you offer, such as a doorman? Do you want to keep up with trends, or create your own unique design?


Holistic experience

While no-one is in any doubt that the colour scheme and general décor are important, a relatively modern way of keeping customers happy is by creating a pleasant aroma in the entrance area. The interior design, colour scheme and music are all elements of sensory marketing, playing a role in providing a complete holistic experience, but the sense of smell is something that perhaps isn't catered for enough.

According to a survey by Premium Scenting, 73% of consumers have had a memory or feeling instantaneously triggered by an aroma. It should, therefore, have the same consideration as every other aspect of hotel marketing.

It's important to use the appropriate technology to diffuse the scent effectively. It should be subtle and dispersed evenly and consistently. If it's too strong, it may be unpleasant, so it's important to get it right.

First impressions count - so the steps you take to create a welcoming hotel entrance are likely to colour your guests' stay. The entrance is an indicator every visitor will receive, as soon as they arrive. It defines the character and quality of your establishment, so getting it right is paramount.


Visitor numbers and types

Consider who will be using your hotel. Visitors can have a variety of needs. Disabled people, children, business people, individuals, families or groups. Everyone wants to enter unimpeded. In particular, having disabled access is not only crucial in terms of broadening your market, it is also a legal requirement of the Equality Act 2010.

Estimate how many visitors will need to enter the hotel at peak times, through the entrance lobby. If you've experienced a queue forming at check-in, or if the doors are continually opening and closing, leading to cold air sweeping through the lobby, it could be time to re-think your design.

Failing to cope on reception when a large party arrives, or having heavy manual doors, leaving visitors to struggle through with suitcases, isn't a welcoming experience. It could be time to revamp your reception area and consider installing automatic sliding or revolving doors, so large groups can get quick access, instead of arriving feeling stressed.


Escape route

When redesigning your entrance, consider whether it is also an emergency escape route, in the event of a fire. While creating a welcoming environment is important, do not install so much furniture that it becomes cluttered or a fire hazard. Everyone in the building should be able to evacuate freely as soon as possible, so strike a happy balance between the area being aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Depending on the type of hotel you have, carefully plan the type of image you wish to create, before starting any refurbishments. Whether your aiming for an atmosphere of luxury and decadence, or a simpler homely ambience, make sure your brand and identity are fully represented.

The colour scheme, materials, fixtures and fittings, furniture and aroma should create a "wow" effect, making your hotel entrance stand out as a landmark feature.

An important consideration when it comes to the comfort and safety of guests is the entrance matting. Coruba's quality range of entrance matting is designed and manufactured to protect your hotel lobby from dirt and moisture.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, our entrance mats are robust and hardwearing – they help to prevent slip hazards in wet weather. Please contact us on 01702 560194 for further information.

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