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How to Avoid Accidents During the Rainy Season

With rainy days being prevalent in the UK, businesses are prone to accidents that are associated with the wet weather. To ensure that your environment is always 101% ready for action, here are some prevention tips that you should follow:

Provide umbrella stands

Letting the customers carry their wet umbrella throughout the premises can make the floor slippery — an accident waiting to happen! Umbrella stands are a great way to elude this problem; strategically place them in a convenient area near the entrance.

Add entrance mats and runners

Entrance mats help to minimise the spread of moisture, actively preventing those horrible slipping and sliding accidents! Opt for rubber matting with a finger pin design, as this provides unsurmountable slip resistance.

Runner floor mats are equally beneficial as they can provide traction; they are versatile enough to be used on both carpeted and hard floor surfaces.

Make sure that the floors are clean at all times

Be extra vigilant with your cleaning regime during the wet winter months! Endeavour to keep the floor dry and dirt-free at all times.

Use a caution sign

Preventive signs such as the commonly seen ‘Caution: Wet Floor’ can be an effective notice for your customers. This can make them take extra care; for better prevention of slips and falls.

Think outside the box! Don’t just concern yourself with the latest equipment and up to date technology to furnish your business establishment - it is often the basics that help to save the day! Always keep the safety and wellbeing of your customers at the forefront of your mind.

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