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How Rubber Mats Help the Elderly in the UK

The elderly are more prone to accidents such as tripping and stumbling, which is why  flooring with a degree of protection such as rubber is more than just a choice, it’s should be a priority.

Rubber Mats Promote a Safe and Comfortable Environment

Older people have greater problems balancing which is usually the cause of accidents such as falling or slipping.

Rubber floors promote a safe and comfortable environment for seniors as they:

Prevent falls and trips

Rubber flooring, such as rubber tiles and rubber safety mats, is naturally slip resistant – this advantage reduces the risk of accidents.

Provide good shock absorption

The soft characteristic of rubber matting provides an added degree of traction. It also offers extra cushioning to the elderly as they move around.

Soft flooring benefits

Hard concrete flooring provides no cushioning to people who fall. Older people have permeable bones that could break with minor impact, so it is very important to provide every bit of protection possible.

Rubber safety matting doesn’t just promote accident prevention it also gives other benefits such as:

  • Softer landing in case of any unexpected accidents
  • Comfortable flooring that could ease the pain caused by sore joints and other similar ailments
  • Faster recovery for those convalescing from hip and knee surgeries

Ideal for wheelchairs

Most rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities that cater to the elderly in wheelchairs use rubber flooring over other flooring materials.

The natural friction between rubber floors and rubber tyres makes it the ideal choice.

This connection helps the wheelchair to be more responsive to its user, requiring less effort to move it around.

Easy to clean

Incontinence can be the cause of some messy incidents.

Rubber tiles are easy to maintain and because they can easily be detached for washing and drying you can thoroughly clean the surface below to avoid bacteria build up.

Low chemical content

Rubber flooring alternatives have low HOC (Halogenated Organic Compounds) content. HOCs, such as chlorine, are usually found in vinyl floors. The synthetic plastics used in manufacturing vinyl floors can emit harmful chemicals after several years of installation.

These chemicals can cause severe effects not only for the elderly but to anyone else for that matter. Here are some examples:

  • Thyroid disruption
  • Reproductive and neurodevelopmental problems
  • Immune suppression
  • Cancer

Homes and other facilities for the elderly must avoid products with HOC content as much as possible to avoid dealing with any of these health complications.

The appropriate flooring can help our seniors to stay safe, while improving their overall health and wellbeing. Look after the elderly… it will be you one day!

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