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How Anti-Fatigue Mats Can Help Your Company

Bark Finish PVC Foam Anti Fatigue Matting

 Physical fatigue is a common disorder that sees workers experiencing tiredness, exhaustion and listlessness; more than 11 million UK employees – half of our workforce – work in vulnerable conditions.

Extreme weariness is commonly experienced by sales people, assembly line workers, machine operators, cashiers and clerks. As a good employer, it should be your top priority to ensure that your workers remain safe and as comfortable as possible in their day to day activities.

One of the most convenient ways to improve the working environment is to install efficient anti-fatigue mats and here’s why:

It helps your employees feel better; hence increasing their productivity

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to encourage tiny movements, even when standing still. These little movements limit physical fatigue and also reduce leg and back pain. In addition, the cushioning effects help to improve blood circulation.

With the reduced risk of fatigue and discomfort, your workers will be happier in their work; something that can effortlessly brighten up the mood and result in greater outputs. Furthermore, rather than taking breaks to ease any pain, operatives can continue to work without disruption throughout their shift.

Your employees will feel that they are valued

Focusing on the needs of your workers can help increase employee satisfaction and in turn boost their morale. As anti-fatigue mats can reduce stress and maintain their wellbeing, your employees can become positively engaged in their work and surroundings.

It is a good idea to educate your employees about the health benefits of anti-fatigue mats. For example, according to a study published by the Occupational Health & Safety Journal, anti-fatigue matting constantly encourages micro-readjustments in the lower limbs; which stimulates blood flow – effectively reducing tiredness.

You can avoid other costly expenses

Some of the negative effects associated with physical fatigue include absenteeism, the tendency to make more mistakes and substandard customer service.

Physical fatigue affects work performance by impeding concentration; causing workers to take longer to finish a task. Anti-fatigue mats can help mitigate these problems – ultimately saving everyone’s precious time and money.


Coruba offers a wide range of superior quality anti-fatigue matting in various colours and designs. If you want to know more about our products… simply give us a call on 01702 560194!

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