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Horse Debate: Rubber Mats VS Hay

HOST: We are all curious about their opinions, so let’s ask our horses which is the best option for their needs — rubber mats or hay? Let the 1-minute debate begin!


HORSE: You must understand rubber mats are the best. They are the total package.

HORSE: How can you say that? Hay is much cheaper than those rubber mats of yours.

HORSE: Cheaper? Yes but hay requires frequent replacement that would probably cost you more money in the long run. Do rubber mats require regular replacement? No, which makes them more cost effective.


HORSE: How about the installation? Dude, your rubber mats are big and heavy. My hay is as easy as ‘lay and go’.

HORSE: So? Rubber mats are heavy duty and durable. They are made to withstand our weight and can manage other factors like weathering. Unlike your hay that can easily be destroyed by one single step, rubber mats can be used for a long time.


HORSE: Hay is the most absorbent bedding option for horses. Your mats can never absorb the urine.

HORSE: So that’s why you think hay is better than rubber mats? Rubber mats can’t absorb urine but they have drainage features that can drain it away. The mats will need to be cleaned with water and you’re good to go. No wet and messy hay to deal with… yuck!



HOST: That was an intense discussion. I think we all know who won this debate… It’s Rubber Matting! Our friendly horse proved that rubber matting is a better bedding option over hay. Hmm. I wonder what the discussion will be about in the next episode of ‘Horse Debate.’ See you all soon!

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