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Home Safety Precautions for the Elderly

Accidental falls account for a large percentage of disabilities and deaths in older adults – with a third of our senior population experiencing a fall each year. Along with this alarming number of incidents comes the importance of safety precautions that should be implemented in homes.

Proper Lighting

In general, senior citizens require two to three times more lighting due to the changes in their vision as they age. Make sure they have ample lighting, even at night, by including night lights in hallways, stairways and bathrooms. Make sure indoor and outdoor walkways are properly lit and ensure that lamps and light switches are easy to access at all times.


It is vital to keep the home clutter-free.

Put everything where it is supposed to be – away from areas where the elderly pass through. Take note of electrical, telephone, extension and other cables and make sure they safely tucked away to prevent possible accidents.

Consider Safety Supports

To prevent any unwanted accidents, make a full assessment of the home and fit safety supports in the necessary areas such as staircases, outside the front door and in bathrooms, etc.

For the utmost safety, install grab bars and grab rails around the bathroom and attach a double armrest grab bar system on the toilet - select colours that are in contrast with the bathroom wall to improve visibility.

Check Rugs and Carpets

Modify your home by replacing rugs and carpets with mats that have slip-resistant backing or padding to reduce the chances of slips and trips. Don’t forget to keep a check on them, as they become less effective over time.

Install Rubber Safety Mats

Since hard concrete floors don’t provide any cushioning benefits, this is a potentially hazardous environment for the elderly. Older adults have more permeable bones that can break on minor impact, so it is important to provide every bit of protection possible.

Rubber safety mats should be installed in every area of the home. Naturally slip resistant, rubber safety mats reduce the risk of many accidents but particularly slips, trips and falls. Moreover, their soft characteristics provide an added degree of traction and shock absorption – offering extra cushioning to the elderly as they move around.

Useful tip: Fit rubber safety mats in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas for a comfortable flooring solution that can ease the pain caused by sore joints and other similar ailments. They can also serve as a safety precaution, providing a softer landing in case of any unexpected accidents.

Rubber safety mats are also perfect for wheelchair users – as they provide natural friction between the rubber floor and rubber tyres, thus requiring less effort to move the wheelchair around.

More than keeping the elderly safe, rubber safety mats also help improve their overall health and wellbeing – a win-win situation! For a wide selection of rubber safety mats that are ideal for specific applications, please contact Coruba on 01702 560194

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