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Help the Elderly

The impact of COVID-19 on UK care homes has been well documented in the press, as sadly, many elderly residents have died as a result of the virus. As the pandemic continues, the government has issued new advice for people working in care homes to help minimise the risks. This includes recommendations on using PPE and how to safely perform routine tasks, such as meal and medication rounds, food preparation and cleaning near residents.

The dedicated employees are working extra hours to ensure the safety of those within the care homes during these difficult times.

help the elderly

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Food supplies

In addition, the local communities are going out of their way to help the elderly in their neighbourhood. Some shops and restaurants are helping senior citizens in several ways. The government has liaised with supermarkets and other businesses to pinpoint elderly and vulnerable local people to ensure their food deliveries are given priority.

Supermarket chiefs have been ramping up deliveries to make sure those in need are never short of food. They have extended their delivery network by teaming up with local taxi companies, restaurants and takeaway delivery operators to make sure the food gets through to those who need it most.

Supermarkets have also organised specific times when elderly and vulnerable people can shop before regular shoppers, to make sure they are never faced with empty shelves. Some operate a system whereby elderly people, NHS staff and other healthcare workers can go to the front of the queue if they shop during normal opening hours.


Elderly helping others

Elderly people themselves are also helping others during the crisis. Most notably, Corporal Tom Moore began a sponsored walk, at the age of 99, to help the NHS, from the garden of his home in Keighley, Yorkshire. His idea was to raise £1,000 for health workers - through NHS Charities Together - by walking round his garden daily for 24 days.

The former British Army officer, who had served in Burman and India during World War II, captured the public's hearts with his endeavours, as he bravely completed his latest challenge with the aid of a walking frame. Far from raising £1,000, he raised a staggering £32.79 million for the health service!

His walk trended on social media and on news channels for its entirety and his 100th birthday, on 30th April, was celebrated by the British Army and with a flypast by the Royal Air Force.

The former captain, fondly known as "Captain Tom" during his walk, was made honorary colonel of the Army Foundation College and received more than 150,000 cards from fans.

He also released a fundraising version of You'll Never Walk Alone, which he recorded with professional singer Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care Choir, in aid of NHS Charities Together, to support the staff and volunteers looking after COVID-19 patients.

For care home workers, the challenges continue, as they do their utmost to keep the elderly people in their charge safe. While it's always important to prevent slips and trips in care homes, this is even more important during the pandemic, since the homes are on lockdown and aim to avoid any unnecessary hospital cases. Rubber safety mats can help maintain safety within a care home environment.

For the staff working extra-long hours, spending days and nights on their feet, anti-fatigue mats can help reduce the aches and pains associated with standing for long periods.

Contact Coruba on 01702 560194 or email info@coruba.co.uk for details of how our rubber matting products can help.

Corporal Tom Moore, we salute you!

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