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Haircut 100

Haircut 100, the iconic 80s band led by Nick Heyward, was only together for a year, but in that time it shot to meteoric fame in the UK. The group produced two albums (the first of which, Pelican West, went platinum) and released four top 10 singles: Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl), Love Plus One, Fantastic Day and Nobody’s Fool. Whilst the music videos are so clearly typical of their day (it was, after all, a time of big haircuts, high waistbands on white jeans and turtleneck jumpers, all of which are evident in their videos), the music itself on the Pelican West album is arguably timeless and remains as accessible and fresh today as it ever was.


Post-punk pop

Their music style was typical of their era - post-punk pop with an effervescent energy that was fun, light-hearted and cheerful. Just the sort of music many people yearned for during a time that was overshadowed by the troubles in Ireland, public spending cuts under the Thatcher government and high unemployment.

Nick Heyward's clean-cut good looks made him an overnight poster boy and his face could be seen plastered on the walls of countless teenagers' bedrooms. As well as being lead vocalist and guitarist, Heyward wrote the Pelican West album and, when the band separated in 1982, he went on to have a successful solo career with several top 40 singles over the following years. He produced albums with Warner Bros. Records, Epic Records, Creation Records and independently from 1983, to his most recent release in 2017.


Heyward's departure

Haircut 100 has played together occasionally in the intervening years, but their time in the spotlight ended when Heyward left the band. At the time, he said that he was interested in pursuing a solo career but in later life, he felt able to open up about the fact that he had struggled with mental health difficulties stemming from the pressures of being in a band that had risen so rapidly to fame.

The hairstyles of the band members were sported by every fashion-conscious person of the time; hairspray and back-combing were used with alacrity and highlights were favoured by men and women alike.

Modern hairdressers are usually asked to produce rather less elaborate or exuberant styles these days, but they can still find themselves standing for long periods of their working day. Backache, sore arms and stiff fingers are common side effects of hairdressing; taking regular breaks and ensuring a good posture is maintained throughout each appointment is important for long-term good health.


Anti-fatigue matting for hairdressers

Anti-fatigue matting helps to combat aches and pains, while reducing fatigue. The cushioning effect of the rubber is more comfortable and alleviates pressure on the joints that would otherwise result from standing on hard flooring all day.

If you run a hairdressing salon, Coruba’s anti-fatigue matting will improve employee comfort, and maybe even their productivity!  If backcombing ever comes back into style, hairdressers with anti-fatigue rubber matting will be ready for the Haircut 100 revival!

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