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Getting to Know Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate

What is Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate?

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is the combination of ethylene and vinyl acetate - the material behind the durability of the EVA mats offered by Coruba. It has plastic-like properties that can compete with the efficiency of high-quality polymeric coatings.

What are the properties of ethylene-vinyl acetate?

Flexible at low temperatures

EVA is still flexible even at low temperatures. That is the main reason why this material is commonly used for stable mats.


Ethylene-vinyl materials are strong and pliable. They have waterproof characteristics and are resistant to UV radiation.

Crack resistant

This material is a good absorber of shock and pressure. It can withstand moving bodies and heavy materials without being damaged.

Strength to weight ratio

It has a 3 to 38 kn-m/kg strength to weight ratio that gives the material a high level of durability and efficiency.

Thermal conductivity

The rate of thermal energy that travels through EVA is 0.34 W/ m-K. It has passed the ISO standards 8894 and 22007. These are in regards to material refractories and capabilities.

Ultimate tensile strength (UTS)

Ethylene-vinyl acetate has an ultimate tensile strength of 3 to 35 MPa (0.4 to 5.1 x 103 psi).

When is ethylene-vinyl acetate used?

Biomedical engineering

EVA can be used for a drug delivery device. The materials used in this scenario are the combination of dichloromethane, powder drug and filler. This device slowly releases the compound and shows no reaction for implantation.


EVA is a material also known as foam rubber or expanded rubber. This is a great material for protective gear such as sports padding including hockey pads, boxing gloves, ski boots and bicycle saddles.


EVA is a good shock absorber for sports shoes. Currently, it is a popular material for slippers and sandals due to its cheap costs, light weight qualities and glossy finish.


EVA is a good material for plasters such as adhesives, plastic wraps and foam stickers.

Stable matting

Ethylene-vinyl acetate is also used to make stable mats. In fact, Coruba offers EVA stable mats at competitive prices. To learn more about this product, simply visit the Coruba website or call 01702 560194.

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