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Four Benefits of Rubber Matting in a Professional Kitchen

Professional chefs at the top of their game typically appear to be in good physical shape. That's because chefs cover a lot of ground in an average shift, albeit it in a small space! They also work in temperatures which can be draining. Professional rubber matting helps restaurant owners to improve working conditions for busy chefs and here are some of the reasons why:


  1. Safety first

Considering the speed in which chefs move around busy kitchens, it should come as no surprise that potentially dangerous trips and falls are possible. Standard kitchen flooring can become slippery very quickly with slops and spills and in some cases, chefs might not be unaware of this. Not only can professional kitchen matting offer more grip to prevent slipping accidents, it is also quicker and easier to clean up.


  1. Dirt elimination

That daily clean in a professional kitchen is essential to maintaining a hygienic and dirt-free working environment that is suitable for food preparation. Rubber professional kitchen matting gives dirt and moisture (which can lead to bacteria growth) no place to hide. By making sure no unwanted grease and grime is absorbed, nothing festers and the clean-up operation becomes that bit easier.


  1. A protective buffer

Without the advantage of professional matting, kitchen floors are vulnerable to damage. Anything from dropped saucepans, scrapes with heavy equipment and everyday wear and tear can leave permanent marks or lead to much more serious deterioration that can cause accidents. Professional matting acts as a shock absorbent protective coating that safeguards the floor beneath.


  1. Antimicrobial technology

More than preventing the build-up of dirt, professional rubber kitchen matting can now create an actively hostile environment for bacteria. Hospitals and laboratories have led the way in this ultra-sterile form of flooring and now professional kitchens can take advantage of the germ resistant benefits.


As the engine room of today's eateries, kitchens and the chefs who work within them demand optimum working conditions. To ensure a cleaner and safer working environment, Coruba provides the best rubber safety mats for kitchen floors.

Rubber Safety Mats

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