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Five Innovative Ways to Reuse Tyres

Tyres can be challenging when it comes to recycling and waste management, as they are large and cumbersome, taking up a lot of space in landfills. In today's environmentally friendly climate, it's better to reuse unwanted items - and tyres are no exception.

When considering methods of recycling, think of ideas that can benefit someone else. Think creatively and you'll discover there are some awesome ideas that will turn your unwanted tyres into useful and fun items. Read on, for our five innovative ways to reuse tyres...

Swing Rubber Tyre

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1.Tyre swings

This is perhaps the most obvious way of recycling tyres and something you'll often see in adventure playgrounds. It's also relatively easy to make a tyre swing. Once you have a suitable unwanted tyre, clean it up first with a heavy-duty detergent and then find a sturdy branch where you can hang a tyre swing.

You'll need a strong thick rope and a little DIY know-how to drill some drainage holes in the tyre. Use a ladder to place the rope over the tree branch, at the height of your choice, securing it with a sturdy fisherman's knot. Tie the other end of the rope around the tyre, ensuring it's far enough off the ground for you to swing. Decorate or paint the tyre as required and voila!


2. Tyre playground

Expanding on the idea of a tyre swing, you can build a whole tyre playground with a bit of imagination and the right tools. Enlist the help of a DIY enthusiast if you're not able to do the work yourself.

Suggestions for the apparatus include a net and tyre climbing frame, with a cargo net on one side and tyres on the other side of a sturdy timber frame. Construct the timber in a triangular shape with six or nine tyres, depending on how large you want it, attached on chains to one side.

A variation on the climbing frame is a simple vertical frame, with three or four tyres attached at varying levels to the upright poles. Make a tyre ladder by fixing a row of tyres on a sloping wooden frame, with a slide attached next to them to descend again. Make a tyre see-saw using a tyre sawed in half with a thick wooden plank attached on the flat side.


3. Tyre garden stairs

If you have a slope in your garden that's difficult to navigate, but you don't really want to build a concrete path or steps on top of it, use a row of tyres instead to create an unusual garden staircase.

Fill the centre of each tyre with soil, gravel or bark chippings so they are fairly solid, rather than leaving each one hollowed out. The tyres can be cleaned up and left in their natural state, or painted if required.


4. Tyre sandbox

Use a large tyre, such as a tractor tyre, to make a sandbox for your garden for the children to play in. Make sure you scrub the tyre well before you start and then, once its clean, paint it in the colour of your choice using a durable outdoor paint.

If you don't want weeds to grow up through the tyre, weed the area where it's to be laid and then cover the cleared ground with a tarpaulin first. Once the tyre is in place, simply fill it with sand from a builders' supplies store and it's complete.


5. Tyre chairs

Although making a tyre chair can require more DIY know-how, numerous different styles can be created using a little imagination. They can also be surprisingly comfortable.

If you're skilled at making things and want something more elaborate, you could create a rubber and metal chair by cutting one section out of a large tyre and attaching a metal base, so that the base provides the seat, while the tyre is the chair back.

Make a hammock seat from a large tyre by cutting it in half, painting the half you're going to use and attaching it with rope or chains at each end to a solid wooden frame. Paint the tyre's exterior and add a cushion to make it more comfortable.

Rubber is a very versatile material that can be recycled easily and turned into a variety of new items. If you're planning on building kids' play area equipment out of tyres, make sure you take safety and comfort into consideration.

Install rubber safety matting from Coruba underneath your playground apparatus, particularly if it's built on a hard outdoor surface such as concrete, to reduce the risk of accidents from falling or tripping.

Give us a call on 01702 560194 or email info@coruba.co.uk for further details of our rubber matting and how it can benefit your tyre recycling ideas.

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