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Factors to Consider before Standing All Day at Work

Being on your feet all day is not easy. In fact, employees who are required to stand for long hours face a greater chance of lower body ailments and complications.

Here are some factors to keep in mind:


Choose footwear with adequate leg support and a comfortable cushioning.

Footwear with thick insulating soles and shock-absorbing insoles, such as trainers, is the ideal choice. For office facilities, choose formal shoes that are not too shallow and with heels no higher than two inches. This will help your feet to breathe.


Workers that stand too long on hard, concrete floors could be experiencing body stress and fatigue. These conditions can decrease productivity as employees will feel uncomfortable.

As much as possible, flooring should be soft enough to provide some elasticity underfoot. Anti-fatigue matting, anti-slip matting or a general rubber flooring  alternative are a few examples of soft flooring materials that eliminate fatigue, while reducing the chances of accidents such as slips and falls.


This could be greatly affected by the nature of the work but an ideal choice of clothing will let you move freely, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your work.

Choose clothes made from light fabrics such as Ponte, matte jersey or anything soft that allows you to stretch and change working positions. Avoid wearing tight fitting garments as they can cause nerve compression in the body.

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