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Different Areas that Would Benefit from Rubber Flooring


Rubber has become a popular choice for flooring because of its durability and comfort benefits. Whether it is about the safety, maintenance or even for aesthetic purposes, rubber flooring could be the best option.

We have listed some familiar areas and explained how each of them can benefit from rubber flooring.

Electrical Control Rooms

These rooms usually have large electrical equipment and are exposed to higher electrical currents that could be conducted through the floor and walls.

People who work in electrical control rooms are at risk of electrical shocks, which is why it is important to use rubber flooring as this promotes safety by:

  • Preventing the flow of electric charges that are present in electrical control rooms – especially on the floor
  • Eliminating earth contact by covering the floor

Clean Rooms

For clean rooms in research facilities and industrial sites, an efficient flooring design and selection is paramount. These areas are in constant operation with high static and dynamic pressure loads. They are also subjected to different types of chemicals.

Rubber flooring matches the required flooring characteristics for clean room activities. Here are the reasons why:

  • Rubber is resistant to oils, greases and chemicals that are produced in labs and other research areas
  • Rubber flooring has extraordinary wear resistance and durability that can sustain loads without cracking
  • It also has excellent fire protection properties and slip resistance

Sports Facilities

The appropriate choice of flooring is important to maximise the safety within a sports facility. Rubber gives protection not only to the players but also to the people who visit these places. Rubber matting provides:

  • Absorbing protection for impacts caused by jumping and running sports
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean alternative
  • Floor protection against sports that require specific footwear such as ice hockey. It also gives a cushioning to players wearing ice skates before they enter the rink


For gym owners, it is important to protect both the weightlifters and the equipment within their facilities. Here are some of the reasons why rubber flooring is ideal for gyms:

  • It serves as cushion to the floor from heavy impacts caused by dropped weights or tools
  • It prevents fatigue and improves workout performance

Rubber floors offer a great solution that can help establishment owners to achieve their safety and protection goals.

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