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Die Hard 2

Action adventure films are best if they grab your attention from the onset - and you'd be hard pressed to name any opening scene more exciting and stunt-packed than the first 15 minutes of Die Hard 2.

It's Bruce Willis' second outing as John McClane, the maverick cop with a vigilante attitude, who has a problem obeying rules. Following the success of the original Die Hard movie in 1988, Die Hard 2 was released two years later, revealing Willis had lost none of his edge in playing the reluctant hero.

Prior to Die Hard, Willis had been known primarily as a comedy actor thanks to his role in the sitcom Moonlighting with Cybill Shepherd. It was revealed the studio had initially offered Arnold Schwarzenegger the role of McClane on the back of his success in Commando but he had turned it down. However, Willis was to make the role of McClane his own and Die Hard went on to spawn a series of five sequels, the final one to date being A Good Day to Die Hard in 2013.

Die Hard 2 opens with McClane waiting for his wife Holly to arrive from Los Angeles at Dulles International Airport in Washington. Two years have passed since the Nakatomi Tower incident in Die Hard, when the detective was caught up in a terrorist plot that threatened Holly's life after she was taken hostage.

Christmas is never quiet in a Die Hard movie and while in the airport bar, McClane sees two men acting suspiciously. He realises one of them has a suspicious package and the other has a gun, so he follows them to the baggage area. He then sees one of them tampering with the control panel of the luggage conveyor belt. The action kicks in instantaneously, as a massive shoot out takes place in the baggage area, causing chaos on the conveyor belt! It transpires the suspicious duo are rogue military operatives who are trying to seize control of the airport.

The fast and furious action ensues after McClane tells the baggage handler to get the airport police over there fast, while pursuing the criminals into the restricted baggage conveyor area. McClane challenges the suspicious duo, asking them what they are doing in a restricted area but they lie and tell him that they work there. McClane asks them for their ID and they pretend to be going to get it but instead they open fire and McClane has to dive for cover. The gunman fires at the baggage above McClane's head and it falls, causing him to drop his gun.

McClane grabs a golf bag and hits one of the gunmen with it. As they fight, McClane headbutts him and sprays him with a mace spray but the gunman shoots at the mace and McClane retreats, climbing onto the conveyor belt to avoid gunfire. He spots an electrical baggage roller and hauls the gunman into it. McClane saves himself by jumping into a nearby pipe and falling into a cart full of luggage but the gunman isn’t so lucky.

Die Hard 2 is as action-packed as its predecessor. The stunts are a culmination of precision planning by director Renny Harlin, stuntman Dwayne McGee, Bruce Willis' stunt double Keii Johnston and stunt coordinator Charlie Picerni.

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