Part of the struggle to stay fit is waking up early in the morning and driving to the gym. If you have an extra room to spare, why not set up a home gym? By taking this resourceful approach, you can reduce your expenses and give yourself more time to work out!

To help you get started, here are some tips:

Set the right atmosphere

Avoid dark rooms that can affect or dampen your mood. Paint the walls with vibrant colours and if possible – choose a room with large windows; to allow natural light to flood in. You can also put up motivational posters to keep you stirred throughout your workouts.

Install the right gym mats

Rubber gym mats are excellent shock and impact absorbers that can protect your muscles and joints; and safeguard your floor and equipment. With efficient anti-slip properties, this feature will minimise the risk of injuries while exercising… so no excuses for slacking off!

Place a full-length mirror on the wall

A full-length mirror situated at one end of the room can help to keep your form and posture in check, while making your space appear larger and brighter. Watching yourself while you exercise can also improve your drive and intensify your willpower.

Opt for compact and versatile gym equipment

Keep in mind that you should only ever purchase equipment that you need; a small treadmill and a few dumbbells in varying weights would be a good place to start. Keep it minimal and avoid cramming the space with unnecessary clutter.


I think that’s covered everything. With the right equipment and lashings of true grit and determination, you will achieve your fitness goals in no time… setting the gym up was a mini workout in itself!