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Deputy Dawg

Deputy Dawg is a cartoon character that featured in an animated series of the same name from 1959 to 1972. Produced by CBS, it was first shown on British television screens during the 1960s.

Each cartoon lasted just several minutes, but it was presented as a half-hour slot comprising three or four different episodes. Altogether, 102 cartoons were shown on television.

This not-very-bright Terrytoons dog character, voiced by Dayton Allen, worked as a deputy sheriff in Florida, and then later in Mississippi and Tennessee.

The plotlines of each show focused on Deputy Dawg's comical interactions with two other characters, Muskie Muskrat and Vince van Gopher. Deputy Dawg would often attempt to keep the mischievous pair out of trouble but would end up in bother himself. As often as Deputy Dawg was locking the pair up in the jailhouse, he was hanging out with them, so their crimes weren't always taken very seriously. The trio could frequently be found fishing for catfish.

Many of the cartoon scenes took place in the jailhouse, where Deputy Dawg also devoted a lot of his time trying to impress his sheriff - not always successfully. He could often be heard saying the expressions 'Dag nabit' or 'Cotton pickin pesky' in a southern drawl, while a favourite expression of Muskie Muskrat was 'It's possible...it's possible', and Vince van Gopher would commonly say 'What happened...what happened?'.

Other characters to feature in the show included Moley Mole, Possible Possum, Ty Coon and Mrs Deputy.

Popular episodes include National Lazy Day, when the characters compete to win a $100-dollar prize by being lazy. Muskie Muskrat and Vince van Gopher hatch a plan to get up to mischief in an attempt to stop Deputy Dawg from being lazy. However, things don't go to plan and Deputy Dawg and Muskie Muskrat both win the prize.

In Little Red Fool House, Muskie Muskrat and Vince van Gopher are caught fishing, when they should be at school. Deputy Dawg attempts to scare them with the sound of a school bell ringing, but his trick backfires.

In Deputy Dawg's Nephew, Muskie and his pal Ty Coon are making a blackberry juice concoction. When Deputy Dawg gets wind of this, he confiscates the drink and says he'll need to test it to ensure it's legit. Deputy Dawg's nephew comes to visit, and he takes a sip of the juice. When Muskie and Ty Coon spot the nephew, who they've never seen before, they automatically think he's Deputy Dawg who has changed appearance as a result of drinking their juice.

Following on from the success of the original television series, an additional six titles of Deputy Dawg were released for the cinema. The cartoons were also released for video and DVD. Deputy Dawg also put in an appearance in the 1987 series of Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, and in Curbside in 1999. He also featured in comic books.

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