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Crowd Control Guidelines for Retailers

The crowd can be a bit out of control when it comes to the Big Sale. To maximise safety – not to mention potential profit - it is important for retailers to take the necessary precautions prior to the main event.

Implementing the following crowd control guidelines can help ensure customer safety:

Use the right type of matting

Slips, trips and falls are common in-store accidents that can be expected with the surge of an unruly crowd. Rubber matting can endure heavy footfall and has excellent anti-slip properties that can safely reduce crowd related injuries.

Set up crowd control barriers

Consider putting up barricades, rope and other crowd control barriers that can keep customers on track; stopping them from pushing one another.

Regulate your customer entry

Designate employees to explain entrance procedures to the customers and to control the excitable crowd - it is best not to allow too many people into a certain area at once.

Use instructional signs

Display highly visible signs to properly identify exit zones, check-out lanes, sales items and other information that is relevant to the customers.

Increase the security

Hire more trained personnel to take care of security; having sufficient enforcement can effectively reduce the chances of a mad dash and other potential hazards that can seriously endanger your customers.

Adopting an organised crowd management plan can significantly reduce the pressure and alleviate the stress… when did you say The Sale started?

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