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Create an Efficient Food Storage Facility with the Help of Rubber Sheets


Behind every successful food processing business is a safe and sanitised food storage facility. Although it might not be common knowledge, by cleverly utilising rubber sheeting you can establish a fully functional storage environment.


The first step to creating an efficient food storage facility, you should consider the base area itself. Not only should it be germ-free; it should also be void of harmful chemicals that can degrade the quality of any foods.

When setting up the base of your storage room for wet or dry goods, we would strongly suggest that you use a food grade rubber sheeting product that is approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) – to ensure that your products remain free from impurities and protected from potentially toxic surfaces.

Coruba has a number of food grade rubber sheeting alternatives that you might want to consider:

  • Coru163 White Food Quality EPDM Rubber
  • Coru136 White Food Quality Natural Rubber
  • Coru162 White Food Quality Neoprene Rubber
  • White Silicone Food and Drink Grade Rubber

The White Silicone Food and Drink Grade Rubber is the preferred choice for medical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Highly resistant to flames and heat, it is safe to use in cooking and mixing processes.

Correct Temperature

Colder temperatures are your food products’ best friend as they slow down the degradation of food enzymes, inhibit the growth of decay producing organisms and reduce the production of ethylene that promotes the ripening of some fruit and root crops.

You can make great use of food grade rubber sheeting to insulate the chilled environment – to maintain the required temperature range.


The food storage area should be kept away from direct sunlight – obviously, this can increase the temperature in the area, ultimately cutting short the storage life of your food products.


Take note that the storage area should have a humidity level not higher than 15%. To maintain this, keep the food in its original packaging as much as possible - airtight and free from moisture.

The use of rubber sheets, rubber strips and rubber extrusions will reliably seal the entire storage facility.


Size does matter!  As one of the leading officials from the FDA, Jim Anderton has provided easy-to-use graphs and tables to complete the necessary space and storage calculations:

With an extensive range of quality rubber products, Coruba’s top-grade rubber sheeting will be just the ticket for your food storage facility! Please call 01702 560194 and we’ll be happy to help you with your rubber sheeting requirements.

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