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Coruba’s Range of Quality Rubber Extrusions


Before the rubber extrusion process can begin, unvulcanised raw materials are extruded to ensure the softness and pliability of the rubber - to make it suitable for various industrial processes.

As one of the UK’s leading rubber product providers, we also manufacture the finest rubber extrusions to meet your specific requirements:

Boot Seal Profiles

Commonly placed around the inner rim of a car boot; seal profiles are used to prevent leaks, vibration and noise. They can also be used to cover any other sharp edges.

Coruba provides boot seal profiles that are suitable for most vehicles. Flexible and easy to install, they are manufactured from high quality EPDM – making them impervious to temperature changes, most cracks and daily wear and tear.

Door Seal Profiles

Also referred to as ‘extruded side seals’, door seal profiles are ideal as car door seals, boat hatches and other enclosures. Coruba’s seals are made from EPDM and nitrile – these materials are known for their excellent durability and flexibility. 

Flock Coated Rubber Products

Our flock coated rubber products are commonly used on home furnishings and vehicles. With excellent durability they are washable, naturally fire-retardant, water-repellent and stain resistant - depending on where and how they are used.

CO-Extruded Side Seal Profiles

The CO-extruded side seal profiles are basically a PVC edge trim with an attached seal. A perfect alternative to door seal profiles, they are also great in industrial enclosures that need protection.

PVC Edge Trims

Safety should always come first in every home and workplace. With that in mind, it might be wise to cushion any potentially hazardous raw edges with our PVC edge trims.

Helping to prevent injuries caused by jagged edges on plastics, metal and other hard objects, this cost-effective solution is easy to install.

Solid Cord

Solid cords are typically used for sealing items that a moulded O-ring cannot accommodate. Coruba supplies cords in the following materials:

·         Viton Rubber

Resistant to most chemicals, oil and petroleum, this material is ideal for high temperature sealing applications.

·         Nitrile Rubber

Known for its great flexibility, nitrile rubber is fully functional even when applied to areas that are subjected to solvents, fuel and hydrocarbons.

·         Silicone Rubber

Silicon cords are often the top choice for applications that demand exceptional sealing properties.

·         EPDM Rubber

Remarkably durable, EPDM cord is resistant to weathering, ozone, water and steam - making it applicable for both high and low temperature applications.

Window Sealing Profiles

As one of the most functional rubber extrusions, our window sealing profiles assure reliable protection on PVC, wood and aluminium based window frames.

Even the smallest details matter when it comes to safety and protection! To learn more about our wide range of rubber extrusions, please call 01702 560194 or send an email to info@coruba.co.uk.

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