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Coruba’s Animal Transporter Solutions


As the UK’s leading supplier of all things rubber, Coruba offers a variety of rubber animal transport matting that is suitable for horsebox use:

Black Crumb Rubber 55° Shore

A durable rubber matting that is suitable for stables, horseboxes and animal transporters, Coru595 is lightweight and has excellent insulation benefits. Its features include:

  • Non-slip protection
  • Significant dust reduction
  • Odour absorption
  • Sound proofing properties

High Impact Wall Protection EVA Foam Sheet

Specially designed to protect walls from impacts, Coru714 provides the ultimate cushioned protection to keep horses secured and comfortable during transit. Features include:

  • Heavy density foam construction
  • Good impact resistance
  • Excellent sound and low temperature insulation properties
  • Dense EVA foam
  • Easy to install with screws

Fabric Reinforced Horse Box Partition Rubber Skirt

Coru6120 is ideal in horseboxes where areas need partitioning. Available in a thickness range of 3mm-10mm, it is perfect for any horsebox. Features include:

  • Lightweight
  • Simple fitting with screws or adhesive
  • Can be cut with a hand knife or heavy duty scissors
  • Smooth finish on both sides
  • Available in customisable lengths

Grip-top Animal Transporter Matting for Ramps - in Rolls with 1ply Reinforced Backing

Lightweight, Coru548 is the modern alternative solution for animal transporter ramps. With an exceptional grip capacity, this ensures easy loading. This matting promotes:

  • Safer and quicker loading of animals
  • Simple fitting that can be achieved with adhesives or by simply screwing the mat to the ramp
  • Reinforced fabric backing that gives the grip-top strong, robust properties

For your horses’ safety, comfort and well-being our range of high quality stable matting is a flexible option that can be used as a dependable transporter matting solution. With any enquiries, please call Coruba on 01702 560194 – where only the best is good enough!

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