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Coruba’s Rubber Fabrication Process


As one of the most important stages in the production of rubber products, Coruba understands how demanding the fabrication process can be. Using a comprehensive range of facilities, you are guaranteed that every product we offer is fabricated and converted to meet specific requirements - assuring second-to-none product excellence.

Let’s take a peek into what’s involved in the rubber fabrication process:


This process involves cutting down full rubber rolls (which are normally 1.4m wide).


Used to manufacture rubber in multiple layers of lamination, this produces a compound with superior strength, stability, sound insulation and form.

Die Cutting

Commonly used in a mechanical press, this technique uses a die cutting machine that is a little like a pastry cutter. It comes in two forms:

·         Kiss Cutting

The process where rubber is almost cut through, kiss cutting leaves a sufficient amount of the material to hold it together. The cut portion is popped out by hand.

·         Rotary Die Cutting

Involves a rotating blade that is used to produce thinner rubber.

Water Jet Cutting

Thick and complex rubber parts are produced, such as rubber gaskets.


Holes are made in precise sizes and numbers in accordance with client specifications.


Linishing is used to make a perfect cylindrical shape; preparing and employing the ends of rubber extrusions to create a closed ring. The application of self-adhesive backings in various grades and formats can also be completed during this process.

Coruba specialises in rubber fabricated parts. Send an email at sales@coruba.co.uk together with an enclosed drawing, material details and quantities and we will be happy to fulfil your requirements.

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