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Convenient Ways to Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair users often face access issues. So, what you can you do to make life easier if you are living with someone who is wheelchair dependant?

Coruba’s finest rubber products to the rescue!

Home Entrance

As a priority, you should ensure that all entrances to your home have been modified to include a wheelchair ramp - this can be made of either wood or metal. Don’t forget to add some non-slip rubber matting and handrails for further convenience and added safety!


To make your floors easy to manoeuvre and hazard-free for wheelchair users, avoid the use of carpet. Go for hardwood flooring options and be sure to add some rubber mats with non-slip benefits - like the Coru546 'Orange Peel' Rubber Runner Matting from Coruba.


Keep in mind that doorways are notoriously problematic for wheelchair users. You can reverse the door opening mechanism and remove frames to make your doorways more approachable. You could also consider adjusting the doorknobs to be positioned little bit lower down – for easy reach.


Lower the worktops and install appliances where they are easy to reach. Maybe you could include a sink that allows the wheelchair to slot underneath… everybody should take a turn at doing the dishes, after all!


The most dangerous area for a wheelchair user, the bathroom should include hand rails near the bath and toilet. For maximum safety, cover the handrails with rubber strips for cushioning and additional protection.

With minimum effort, you can help to give a wheelchair user maximum access! Please call Coruba on 01702 560194 for product questions and enquiriesbecause we care!

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