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Commonly Used Rubber Products in Key Industry Sectors


Known for being a good insulator, rubber mats are a common sight in different industries as they ensure individual safety while increasing productivity. Given the machinery and other hazardous risks that are present within the working environment, it is important to equip the workplace with the necessary safety equipment.

Electrical Safety Mats

With exceptional electrical insulating properties, electrical mats (also known as switchboard matting) are recommended for high voltage environments. Their ability to reduce or stop electrical currents helps to prevent possible electric shocks and other unwanted injuries caused by live electricity.

When looking for electrical safety mats for your workplace, make sure they have passed the IEC 61111:2009 – the European Standard for electrical insulating matting products. Coruba fully complies with this standard!

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Designed to reduce weariness, anti-fatigue mats are prevalent in industrial sectors where employees are subjected to long periods of standing on hard surfaces. By encouraging subtle leg muscle movements, that in turn increase blood and oxygen circulation in the legs, this promotes greater productivity.

Coruba offers a good range of anti-fatigue mats that come in various designs to meet different requirements. Offering non-slip protection, our Coru639 BubbleTop Anti-Fatigue Workstation Mats are a top pick amongst industrial businesses – as they are perfect for workstations that use hand operated machines and counters.

Rubber Buffers

Rubber buffers serve as a shield or cushion to prevent possible damage from shocks and rebounds. Commonly found in general and moving industrial machinery that absorbs and reduces kinetic energy and vibration, they also allow vibration control to avoid impairment and reduced machine life.

Conveyor Belts

Used to transport materials in and out of a manufacturing facility, conveyor belts allow easier operations and greater productivity in the workplace.

There are two main kinds of conveyor belts:

  • Flat conveyor belts - used to carry fine to bulky materials, they have an easy configuration to fit any application and high impact absorption for the protection of different manufactured materials.
  • Patterned conveyor belts - especially designed for inclined surfaces, they ensure that items are safely conveyed at steep angles (from 15° up to 40°).

We have a number of main grade and high quality conveyor belts that are suitable for different conveyor systems. We also supply seamless belts, belt sidewalls and cleats that are available in various forms to suit your specifications.

Knowing how risky industrial jobs can be, it is important to prioritise safety! Whether to reduce fatigue or to make your employees lives safer and easier, Coruba's rubber matting can be relied upon to help employees AND employers! To learn more about our wide range of rubber products, please call 01702 560194.

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