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Common Conveyor Belting Problem Troubleshooting Guide

Conveyor belts, no matter how durable, are susceptible to damage – especially if they are continually used for various operations. Breakages must be repaired to avoid further damage that could lead to operational delays.

Here are some troubleshooting guidelines to some of the more common conveyor belt problems.

Excessive belt stretch



 Start-up tension is too great for the belt  Decrease the load

Increase the speed

Decrease the incline angle

Increase tension rating and plies in the belt

 Belt is not fit for the generated tension  Switch to a higher tension belt

Cracking or hardening of belt covers



 Chemical or heat damage to the belt  Be sure to choose the correct belt carcass and  compounds for your application
 Ozone and Ultraviolet light cause compound  degradation during long term storage  Store out of direct sunlight

Utilise spare belts as soon as possible

Incorrect tracking when the belt is loaded



 Off centre or improper loading of the belt  Make sure that the material going down the chute is  facing the direction in which the belt is travelling
 Variations in the nature and formation of the load at the  load point  Use a deflector/notched chute to make the load peak  as close to the belt’s centre as possible


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