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Choosing a Garage Flooring Solution: Coatings vs. Coverings

choosing a garage flooring solution infographic

While both coatings and coverings are considered as viable garage flooring options, each has their own distinct features, advantages and disadvantages that distinguish them from one another.


Coatings are layers of paint or sealers used to cover a garage floor. Available in several variables, they are a cost-efficient option for garage floor protection.

Cheap yet durable, coatings are fit for floors in good condition that are free from cracks and holes. They provide a refined finish that can last for up to five years.
Coatings require intensive floor cleaning prior to application – as they may fail to adhere when applied to damp concrete or incomplete flooring. They are also unsuitable for uneven flooring, as they tend to highlight the cracks rather than conceal them.


Coverings are the ideal option if you want to combine aesthetics with convenience. Available in either interlocking rubber tiles or rollout rubber matting options, they are a hassle-free approach to keeping your garage floors clean and well-maintained.

Coverings are fast and easy to install – requiring a very straightforward application process. Perfect for covering cracks, pockmarks and holes, coverings do not peel off and they are immune to moisture related issues.
Although four times pricier than coatings, their hardwearing and low-maintenance features make rubber covering solutions ideal for long term use – lasting for up to 10 years with proper maintenance.

On the face of it, coatings may seem like the more affordable flooring solution but in the long run, coverings still win in terms of convenience and cost-efficiency.

For practicality and functionality, deck your garage out with our rubber matting solutions. Call 01702 560194 and get yours today!

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