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Celebrity Workouts

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, top of the list for many people is to lose weight. Having a role model to aspire to can assist people with their weight loss goals, and what better way to shed the pounds than by following the workout routines of a celebrity?

Jennifer Aniston

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Many faces in the public eye have bodies that lots of us want to emulate, so following the same keep fit strategies as our icons can help us to achieve our weight loss goals.

Even if you can't afford to hire a personal trainer like many celebrities, you can still benefit from exercising solo.

Here are some of the top celebrity workouts you might want to try this coming year.


Ellie Goulding

Singing sensation Ellie Goulding takes keeping fit seriously, whereby she incorporates a wide range of top-to-toe circuits into her routine that anyone can try. With an emphasis on high-intensity training, you'll find Ellie focusing on planks, scissor kicks and one-legged burpees, as well as exercises to strengthen her core.



With her energetic dance moves, this South American singer knows a thing or two about staying in shape. Her workout routines concentrate on toning the whole body, paying particular attention to weights and cardio. She began training for half an hour in the morning and evening, working this up to an hour, so starting slowly and gradually building on your exercise regime is a good mantra for anyone to follow. Shakira's routines include lunges, squats, ab tilts, side leg pulses and push-ups. These whole body exercises ensure all muscle groups get a workout, for holistic results.


Jennifer Aniston

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston maintains her toned physique through yoga, so if you don't fancy using weights or the treadmill to get in shape, this could be the routine to follow. Jen works with trainer Mandy Ingber on her Yogalosophy programme, which incorporates moves such as the sun salutation, the butterfly, scissor kicks, one-arm balance, push-ups, crescent pose, walking lunges, the bridge, pelvic tilt, cat/dog pose, leg lifts, tree pose, plié squats and the chair pose. Yoga not only tones the body, it is also great for stress relief and relaxation.


Helen Mirren

As a woman in her 70s, award-winning actress Helen Mirren proves that age is no barrier to staying in shape. As a great inspiration for anyone looking to get fit, Helen's routine involves doing just 12-minutes of exercise each day - ideal if you're short on spare time. In particular, Helen is a fan of using a Wii Fit package to shape up, adding exercises such as lunges, toe touching, knees raises, lateral bending, arm circles, sit-ups, side leg raises, leg lifts, push-ups and jogging on the spot into her routines.


Halle Berry

This actress's curves were made famous when she starred in James Bond, and even now over the age of 50, she possesses a physique that women half her age would die for. How does she do it? Halle's secret keep fit tip focuses on kickboxing. Burning around 450 calories per hour, kickboxing also helps to reduce stress, improves balance, strengthens stamina and makes you more flexible. Halle is a big fan of cardio, and as well as kickboxing, she favours elliptical exercises and stairs or hill climbing.


Whether you follow the routines of these A-listers, or other celebrities, make sure you exercise in a safe and comfortable environment. Gyms or leisure centres offering keep fit classes should consider the wide range of safe and durable rubber matting from Coruba, making it easier for members to achieve their fitness goals. Our products can also be used at home!

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