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Benefits of Rubber Mats at the Gym

If you use a gym, whether it's a home gym or a professional facility, you will always be looking for ways to make your experience better, in terms of safety and enjoyment. Rubber mats are the ideal way to enhance your workouts and they are becoming increasingly popular in gyms, thanks to their many benefits.

First, rubber mats increase the safety of the gym environment and are suitable for a multitude of different activities. They have the necessary shock absorption properties and springiness to reduce the chances of injury from falls and high-impact exercise.

They also provide comfort, whether you're participating in a lively, high intensity exercise such as cross fit sessions, or a more relaxing pursuit such as yoga. Rubber mats create a more comfortable environment for all gym activities.

Gym mats can reduce noise levels during potentially loud activities such as aerobic classes or dancercise workouts, while protecting the floor itself from damage. Rubber is non-slip and therefore reduces the number of slipping and falling accidents.

Easy to clean and maintain, gym mats require little attention when properly installed. In aesthetic terms, they come in a large variety of sizes, designs and colours, so they can be installed to match the gym's décor or to support the company logo.

Certain sports and fitness activities such as yoga, Pilates, high intensity interval training, weight training, gymnastics and martial arts can't be done without rubber mats. It would be unthinkable for gymnasts to tumble and flip through the air without the protective rubber cushioning of mats.

It would be dangerous for martial arts to be performed without the protection of rubber matting to help prevent injuries. Without martial arts floor mats, the heavy impact on the knees, ankles and feet could lead to severe injury that would hinder your ability to progress further in the sport.

There are several yoga mat options, but rubber mats receive the most positive reviews. In fact, rubber yoga mats are recommended by professionals, as they are free from synthetic materials. They are heavy compared with other materials and enable the user to be more daring when practicing yoga positions.

When strength and balance are needed to maintain a challenging position, a sturdy rubber mat is by far the best surface. The mats are also convenient - when not in use, they can simply be rolled up and stored away until needed again.

Modern high energy workouts such as Insanity and HIIT (high intensity interval training) benefit from thicker rubber mats because they are among the toughest workouts you can do, requiring the absolute maximum from your body. High intensity workouts need a surface that provides stability, support, traction and shock absorption.

Support and stability are needed to avoid injuries to ankles during a jump, while traction is needed for high-speed stops and starts, and shock absorption is crucial to protect your joints from impacts. To maximise safety in a cushioned, non-slip environment, rubber matting is the perfect solution for all sports.

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