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Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is increasingly popular among people aiming to get fit - in fact, many enthusiasts prefer it to a traditional workout at the gym, as they find it more beneficial.

In particular at this time of year, when New Year resolutions are still fresh in our mind, many of us are trying out methods of keeping fit to work off the over-indulgences of the festive period.

Circuit training is a method of resistance training that maximises the volume of work done in a specific period of time. It has known benefits for people who are interested in losing weight, gaining muscle and increasing their overall strength.

This type of training packs a lot of working out into a relatively short space of time. It isn't essential that you do it every day and your workout routine can be personalised to suit individual requirements. This means you will never be bored with circuit training, as there are many different disciplines that you can try out.

The workout will both increase your heart rate and strengthen your muscles as you move quickly through eight to ten exercise stations, working different muscle groups at each one.

You receive little or no rest between each station and will be doing exercises for a set period of time at each one, such as bicep curls, jump rope, various pieces of gym apparatus, dumbbells, resistance bands, push-ups, squats, cycling or brisk walking.

At each station, you would aim to do about 10 to 25 reps, with a time duration of between 30 seconds and three minutes, before moving quickly to the next station.

The beauty of circuit training is that there are endless possibilities to tailor the workout to your individual requirements, so that it's both fun and beneficial. Each workout would normally last 20 to 30 minutes.

Working your whole body, each discipline targets a different area. Some stations engage your core, such as a front plank exercise, or the cable hip abduction. Over time, these will help to strengthen your core.

Arms are targeted by using dumbbells for tricep extensions and bicep curls, while you can also use gym equipment such as preacher curls or triceps pushdowns. Your legs will benefit from gym apparatus, such as the seated leg press. You can also include lunges or squats as part of your circuit.

Some exercises also work your glutes. These are a team of three muscles in each buttock: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. They define the shape of your buttocks, so include any exercises that will work out your glutes. These can include a station of gym apparatus, such as the hamstring curl machine, or lunges.

Circuit training will also work your back. Gym equipment such as the rowing machine or trail moves, including the front plank or pull-ups, will target this area.

Circuit training can be tailored to different types of exercise, depending on how energetic or fast you wish it to be. Using proper techniques will improve your flexibility in general, while you can have an aerobic workout with cardiovascular benefits by including cardio stations such as the jumping rope, running up and down steps, or a running machine.

For increased strength, include stations where you concentrate on dumbbells, push-ups or strength training machines at the gym. If you're an athlete, circuit training is one of the best tools to enhance your overall sports performance, as it will improve your fitness. You can even choose only low-impact exercises in a programme tailored to your needs.

Circuit training also provides social benefits, as participants can enjoy exercising with friends. It's a group activity, so you're guaranteed to meet people. If you lack the confidence to go it alone, ask someone to go with you.

It really is easy and the only thing that might hold you back is motivation! There are no decisions to be made - the stations are already set up and all you have to do is turn up and complete the circuit.

For the ultimate training benefits and maximum enjoyment, Coruba's rubber gym safety mats ensure that any workout or fitness area is safe and fit for purpose!

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