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Battersea Dogs Home

Battersea Dogs' Home rescued its first stray dog in 1860, and since this momentous occasion, the charity has rescued and rehomed an amazing three million animals! The name "dogs' home" doesn't paint a full picture of the UK charity's hard work, as it also rescues cats as well.

Battersea has three rehoming centres - London Battersea, the Old Windsor Centre in Berkshire and Kent's Brands Hatch Centre. Supporting a total of around 7,000 abandoned dogs and cats every year, the charity has its own animals' charter that ensures it exceeds the requirements of the relevant UK animal welfare legislation.

At the centre of the charter is the belief that no animal should be turned away, no matter what the circumstances. Its non-selective policy doesn't discriminate against any animal, regardless of its breed, age, sex, condition, health, temperament or any other factor.

Each dog or cat is treated as an individual, with all staff, volunteers and fosterers trained to carry out thorough observations and evaluations to help plan every animals' care. Everyone involved is taught how to understand and interpret the animals' behaviour to help put in place an effective care plan.


Battersea's history

Battersea Dogs' Home was opened in 1860 by animal lover Mary Tealby, who was a supporter of the RSPCA. At the time, the 59-year-old was living in Holloway, London, according to a news article of the era in the Islington Gazette.

Becoming increasingly distressed by the number of dogs starving on the streets, she opened an animal shelter for lost dogs at St James’s Road, Holloway. It wasn't intended to be an animal hospital, nor was it meant to provide a permanent home for elderly dogs whose family no longer wanted them. It was described as a "temporary refuge" where people could take lost dogs, in order to try and reunite them with their owner.

Tealby wasn't wealthy and after becoming the shelter's governor in 1861, much of her work was focused on fundraising. In 1871, the centre relocated to Battersea - its home ever since. The rescue continued to expand throughout the 20th century, with new kennels constructed in the 1940s.

In 1960, they took in their first cats and in 1979, Battersea Old Windsor opened, followed by the Brands Hatch Centre in 1999. Battersea celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2010 with the launch of its new £5 million London cattery, opened by HRH the Duchess of Cornwall. More kennels were opened by Queen Elizabeth II, Battersea's patron, in 2015.


Other services

As well as taking in, caring for and rehoming dogs and cats, Battersea also operates a lost dogs and cats telephone service. The charity also promotes a free microchipping service to help reunite lost pets with their family.

Every animal that is rehomed comes with a period of free pet insurance and an initial supply of food. The charity also provides a veterinary outpatient service for three months after rehoming for any condition relating to the animal’s stay at Battersea.

The Battersea Animal Partnerships team liaises with other dog and cat rescues all over the UK to provide more chances for dogs and cats who need loving new homes.

Battersea has received a massive boost in recent years, thanks to publicity from TV presenter and dog lover Paul O'Grady, whose touching documentary, For the Love of Dogs, on ITV, follows the story of many of the animals who find themselves at the shelter.

The show has run for six series since 2012 and has helped to rehome countless dogs, thanks to the publicity a high-profile star such as O'Grady offers.

Battersea Dogs' Home and other animal rescues, kennels and catteries need the best environment to keep their intakes safe and comfortable. Coruba's high-quality, hygienic animal rubber matting products provide extra comfort for our four-legged friends. Please contact us for further information.

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