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America's Cup

Bermuda will host the 35th America's Cup later this month, when the best sailors in the world will be steering the fastest boats on the planet to compete for the prestigious international trophy.

On 26th May, the eyes of the world will be on the iconic Great Sound. Located towards Bermuda's west side, on a large body of water surrounded by Bermuda's islands and with the north-east stretch connecting to the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Sound forms a natural harbour that creates ideal conditions for boating.


Although this year's race is the 35th in its current form, the history of the competition dates back to 1851. This makes it the world's oldest sailing competition. The first event of its kind was organised by the Royal Yacht Squadron and it took place around the Isle of Wight in the UK.

The 1851 race was won by the schooner "America". The trophy, nicknamed "the auld mug", was later renamed the America's Cup in honour of the winner. It was donated to New York Yacht Club as a Deed of Gift, meaning it was available for international competition.

In 1987, for the first time in its history, the America's Cup took place outside American waters when it moved to the coast of Fremantle in Australia. This represented a new era for the cup that saw an upsurge of new entries from many different countries around the world.

Representing San Diego Yacht Club, the winner that year was Dennis Conner in his yacht Stars and Stripes 87. He beat defending champion, Iain Murray, in Kookaburra III.

This year's event

The defending champion this year is Oracle Team USA, who will compete to hold on to their title. The Louis Vuitton America’s Cup challenger qualifiers take place between 26th May and 12th June, followed by the finals between 17th and 27th June.

Bermuda is seen as the ideal location for the Americas Cup, as water activities play a large part in tourism and day-to-day life. With its clear blue waters and sandy beaches, the Great Sound will form a natural course for the races. An America's Cup village will be located at the Royal Naval Dockyard, which will serve as home to all the teams' bases, the pit row, food and drinks, entertainment and concerts for the duration of the event.

The racing conditions are expected to be exceptional, with wind data indicating there are likely to be good conditions for 90% of the meeting.

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