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American Horror Story: Rubber Man

Co-creators of Glee, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, are behind the inception of the horror television series, American Horror Story. Seven seasons have been created so far, culminating in 84 episodes, with an eighth season set for release in September this year.

Each season of American Horror Story is a standalone series in its own right, consisting of a different plot line, characters and settings, with some of the series even taking inspiration from real life events.

The first season aired on the US network FX in 2011. Entitled Murder House, it covers 12 episodes that feature the lives of the Harmon family, who move from Boston to LA. After settling into their new mansion, they soon discover that it is haunted by previous residents who have died at the property.

Rubber Man is the eighth episode of the Murder House season - it appeared on television screens on 23 November, 2011. Written by Ryan Murphy and directed by Miguel Arteta, the episode reveals the identity of the rubber man - Tate Langdon. The actor who actually wears the costume is (mostly) Riley Schmidt.

Having seen a book on caring for S&M wear, Ryan Murphy realised how scary it would be to encounter someone wearing a head-to-toe shiny black costume, and so this became the inspiration behind the rubber man. Once the costume had been created, Ryan was barely brave enough to even watch the episode.

Made from shiny latex, the Rubber Man is an all-in-one, BDSM fetish black suit that was originally purchased by previous house resident Chad, in an effort to pep up his ailing relationship with partner, Patrick. Although Chad never got to use the Rubber Man costume, resident Tate decided it would make a good disguise when murdering both Chad and Patrick, then claiming they committed a double-suicide.

Tate also donned the fetish suit to sexually attack resident Vivien, who was asleep. The creepy costume was also put to good use by Tate when he stalked residents of the house and attempted to make Vivien flee from the property. Tate as the Rubber Man also became embroiled in a scuffle with resident Ben, who managed to unzip the costume and finally discover the identity of the wearer.

When a new family, the Ramos, move into the haunted property after Ben dies, the Rubber Man puts in another appearance in an effort to scare the new residents out of the house. This time, it's Ben who dons the latex suit, but after Vivien intervenes and stabs Ben, the rubber costume is destroyed once and for all.

The Rubber Man was a popular feature of the first season of American Horror Story, which when it was originally broadcast, attracted 2.81 million viewers.

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