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6 Housekeeping Tips for the Workplace


Housekeeping is essential, promoting productivity and preventing unwanted injuries in any working environment. In industrial sectors like manufacturing, fabrication or automotive, housekeeping means more than merely cleaning the area – as collective employee effort is also required.

Preventing slips, trips and falls

An adequate workplace flooring solution is an efficient way to prevent unwanted accidents that are common to industrial environments such as slips, trips and falls. Rubber matting is a real asset – as it has dual anti-slip and anti-fatigue ergonomic features that can be beneficial to employees.

Alternatively, you should religiously:

  • Clean and dry the floors regularly
  • Replace worn or damaged flooring
  • Provide adequate drainage systems
  • Report spills and leaks that can cause accidents and get them tended to immediately

Eliminating fire and electrical hazards

Good housekeeping practices can significantly reduce fire and electrical-related incidents:

  • Keep emergency fire exists free from obstruction
  • Free stairwells from clutter
  • Employees should report electrical hazards immediately
  • Use anti-static rubber mats in areas that are exposed to electrical equipment

Minimising the build-up of dirt

Prevalent in industrial sectors, health risks (particularly lung diseases) can be quite common. The build-up of dust and dirt can also damage equipment such as conveyor systems and milling machines – this can shorten their lives.

Effective housekeeping can also help prevent high maintenance costs through:

  • Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Using high pressure water hoses
  • Regularly maintaining dust extraction systems

Preventing injuries from falling debris

Since falling debris cannot be foreseen the use of toe boards, toe rails and nets can be essential to prevent injuries and accidents in the workplace. The proper stacking and storing of materials should also be practiced to avoid anything from falling and damaging the equipment or injuring the workers.

Avoiding clutter

A messy workplace hampers productivity in many ways:

  • Searching for materials takes longer
  • Employees are more prone to trips and falls
  • Moving around is harder and causes more fatigue
  • Dust accumulates faster and it’s harder to clean

Using protective equipment and tools

The most important part of housekeeping, using protective equipment and tools is essential to maintaining a safe working environment.

  • The use of anti-fatigue mats, electrical and anti-static mats and other safety matting will help to prevent many work-related incidents
  • The use of personal protective equipment like safety glasses, closed-toe shoes and safety clothing will protect against work-related hazards

For quality rubber matting and other rubber products that can help to keep the workplace running like clockwork, please contact Coruba on 01702 560194.

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