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5 Things to Consider when Designing your Stable Layout

Preparing a stable can be an arduous task… as the design should concentrate on the comfort and safety of your horse.  Knowing how much stress is involved, we decided to list the five basic considerations that should be addressed to achieve a fully functional stable:

#1: Aisles

The aisles are an essential space for deliveries and manure pick-ups. Aisles should be at least 10ft. (3m) wide – leaving enough room for the horses to exercise and relax.

#2: Doors

Sliding doors and swinging doors are more commonly used in stables - ideally, these should be at least 4 ft. (1.2m) wide – giving ample space for horse to pass through.

#3: Floors

While concrete is typically used for stable floors, this alternative can be quite stressful to maintain; as it has no capacity to drain naturally.  By adding rubber stable matting to your concrete floor, you can enjoy an easier and more user-friendly cleaning experience.

This supplementary flooring solution can also provide a better foothold for your horses’ hoofs.

#4: Ceilings

These should be high enough for a horse to raise its head freely. Aside from the height, the finish of the ceiling should also be clear of any hazardous materials that can injure your equine friend (i.e. protruding nails and attached bulbs).

#5: Lighting

Sufficient lighting will enable your horse to manoeuvre around in safety, especially at night.

Tip: When setting up the lights, it is advised that you equip every stable with its own switch - enabling you to be selective when lighting up any area.

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